10 Things She Wants But Hasn’t Told You About

Surprise Her With her Heart's Desire

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Choosing a gift for a loved one can come with a lot of stress. There is always the fear of disappointing her; that moment that the sparkle goes out of her eye and she casts around for the next gift. In order to avoid gift-stress this season, (and pretty much every time you need to buy a lady in your life a present), take a look at our list of gifts, guaranteed to give her back her smile.

1) The Newest Apple Watch

We, women, love gadgets. Even if we don’t always mention it, or don’t seem to be very technologically minded, we will never say no to a lovely little piece of tech. Smartwatches are so much more than boring bands these days, they are beautiful and stylish as well. If you have a lady in your life that has an iPhone, consider the newest Apple watch as the perfect gift for her.

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2) A Milk Frother

The ultimate in coffee making luxury, a milk frother (especially this one made by SMEG) is a perfect gift. No one will ever ask for a milk frother, but being given one will definitely make a lady who loves their coffee very happy.

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3) An LED Skincare Device

LED skincare devices are amazing little tools with the power of a Spa day available at your fingertips. Clinically proven by NASA to improve various skin conditions as well as boost cell’s health, these light therapy tools will let you choose from a number of different wavelengths. The most common are blue and red. Blue light is proven to kill bacteria and fight acne, while red light will improve collagen, smooth wrinkles, and improve skin’s overall appearance.

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4) An Air Fryer

Because why not? Air fryers are the hottest kitchen item right now and for good reason. Who doesn’t love crispy fried food with a side of healthiness! This one does air frying, dehydrating, roasting, baking, and pretty much anything else you could possibly wish for.

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5) A Gorgeous Facemask

We, women, love our skin. Or hate it, to be honest. Either way, we are always looking for ways to improve it. Being gifted a luxurious face mask is not something that would be on most people’s wish lists, but we would be more than happy to receive one! Be sure when giving a gift like this that it is real quality. Cheap knock off’s won’t do anything!

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6) Celeb-Inspired Jewelry

Sparkly things always go down well as gifts. Even more so when they have gold or diamonds involved. These celebs inspired gold earrings are all the rage right now, and slightly different from your average gold hoops.

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7) An Anti Aging Pillow Case

Imagine laying your head down at night on a dark mulberry colored, pure silk hypoallergenic pillowcase. Now imagine that it helps to prevent wrinkles as well as bed head! The lady in your life may not ask for this as a gift, because she may not even know it exists. Open her eyes to the best beauty sleep one can get!

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8) A Skincare Gift Set

There is nothing like slathering on really high-quality skincare products! Consider getting your mom some beautiful and luxurious products to make her feel like a queen. You can even mix and match by choosing your favorites, and wrapping them in a beautiful box.

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9) Micky Mouse Le Creuset Dutch Oven

If you know of a budding home chef who is happiest in her kitchen, take a look at this gorgeous piece of cookware. Dutch ovens are amazing things that can cook roasts, stews, casseroles, and pretty much anything else. Add a fun Micky Mouse applique to a deep cherry red glossy exterior, and you have not just a piece of quality cookware, but a show-stopper display piece as well.

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10) A Subscription

Not a boring old magazine subscription, but something far more exciting. This box, for example, has all sorts of home, beauty, and wellness products. If she isn’t into that, then have a look at a subscription for something that aligns with her hobbies or interests.

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