3 Best Neck Treatments From The Comfort Of Your Home

Affordable DIY Neck Treatments

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Caring for your skin always begins with a quality skincare routine. Using superior products from a well-known brand is essential, but what if you want to do a few extra treatments without busting your wallet? There are some great ways that you can tighten up and improve the skin on your neck with readily available household ingredients, or even nifty reusable skin rejuvenating devices.

Coconut Oil

A common pantry staple, humble coconut oil is a great way to get moisture into the skin of your neck. It is easily absorbed and has great anti-oxidant properties. Eliminating free radicals from the surface of your skin is essential for tightening and improving the collagen and elastin concentrations in the upper dermis layers. Coconut oil is often the main ingredient in many natural skin products, so you can just skip the expensive lotions and use the pure active ingredient.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Your Neck:
  • Make sure that you buy good quality, spa-grade coconut oil
  • Massage 5ml of oil into the skin on your neck just before bed, making dure to get it all absorbed
  • Leave oil on overnight, and reapply each evening

Home Made Masks

Masks are a great way of getting moisture directly into the skin. Leaving them on while you relax in a bath adds to relaxation, which in turn will help to rejuvenate your sagging skin. We often forget to include the skin on our necks in our skincare routines, especially when it comes to masking. Luckily, we can create some great masks right in our own homes that improve, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin on our necks with little effort.

These masks can be used twice a week, rotating the ingredients for clear, fresh skin. Many of the ingredients, such as yogurt,  listed below act by reducing pore size, tightening up wrinkles, and adding moisture.

Best Home Made Masks:

  • Egg white and honey
  • Plain raw yogurt
  • Mashed banana and papaya
  • Honey and olive or coconut oil
  • Honey, yogurt, and turmeric
  • Aloe vera and mayonnaise
  • Cucumber pulp
  • Whole oats and raw yogurt


Spa Skin Devices

If you have ever been to a Spa, you may have noticed skin perfecting devices being run over a person’s skin, emitting either a blue or a red light. These devices offer numerous benefits, including reducing inflammation, decreasing pore size, and boosting natural resources such as collagen and elastin. The great part is that you can but these incredible devices for your own home, which drastically cuts costs. 

Electric skincare devices often have a number of different modes. The first is infrared. Infrared light has been proven to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and clear impurities in the skin’s surface. The second mode, cooling blue light, helps to tighten and plump, reducing the presence of wrinkles. These two modes can be used interchangeably to achieve a smooth and rejuvenated appearance. Many devices also have a massage mode that can be used to restore blood flow, as well as improve absorption.

Spa Skin At Home

Taking care of the skin on your neck is essential to maintaining a young, fresh look. There are numerous ways that you can do this at home, without having to spend extra money at a spa. One of the best ways to achieve spa skin at home os to make use of spa-quality skin devices as regularly a possible.


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