3 Foods To Avoid For Puffy Eyes

And Three Foods To Eat Instead

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Your diet can play a huge role in facial bloating, and your skin’s health. Waking up in the morning with saggy, puffy eyes is something that we have all experienced. So how do you maintain a healthy, elastic glow? Avoiding these three common foods will help your skin to maintain its natural elasticity. 


Foods high in salt, or sodium will increase water retention, and create bloating all over your body, including your face. Unfortunately, some of our favorites fall into this category, including sushi. Sushi, as delicious as it is, is high in sodium and refined carbs. The rice is made with salt and is of course a refined food in the same category as white sugar, wheat pasta, and white bread. Add the soy sauce into the mix, and you get a meal that your taste buds will love, but your skin not so much.

Eat This Instead: 

When on a night out, try to order sashimi instead of regular sushi rolls. If there is an option for brown rice, be sure to go for that as it is less refined and high in fiber. Stick to light soy sauce for the lower sodium content. Some sushi has less rice altogether and wraps the fish in cucumber or seaweed. Choose your platters carefully, and be sure not to overindulge.


Another popular meal or snack is anything high in carbs. This includes pizza, ramen noodles, and french fries. We all know what it’s like at the end of a long day. You simply want to get home, grab something satisfying to eat, and put your feet up. If you want to look fresh the next day, however, avoiding a carb-heavy dinner is essential. Carbs have been proven to cause your body to retain water, leading to bloat and puffy skin. 

Eat This Instead: 

Try to eat as much fresh veg and high protein at night as possible. Lean chicken breast, fatty fish, and lean meat are great meal alternatives to carb-heavy dishes such as pasta. Add steamed spinach or kale, some bright yellow veg such as capsicums, or fresh tomatoes to the mix, and you have a meal that won’t show on your skin the next day. 


Sugar is getting a bad rap right now and with very good reason. Not only does it pack on the pounds, but it causes inflammation in tissue too. This can lead to bloating in your body, as well as puffy eyes. Sugar can be found in so many things that we have to carefully assess everything that we eat late at night. That bowl of ice cream after dinner or that chocolatey snack will all add up to facial bloating the next day. 

Eat This Instead: 

If you feel the need to snack after dinner or are craving something sweet, go for raw fruit instead. A small serving of sliced apple, mixed berries, or even papaya will give you a boost of antioxidants and fiber. If it is still not quite sweet enough, you can add a drop of raw honey over the fruit.

Quick Fixes

Of course, it is not always possible to totally avoid foods that cause puffy eyes and blotchy complexion. If you do indulge, you can always use a good quality illuminating eye cream to touch up the puffy the next morning. Apply in the morning for best results, and keep it with you throughout the day.

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