3 Ways To Know If LED Light Therapy Is For You

What You Need To Know

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON December 11, 2020 0 comments 120 VIEWS

Recently I have been seeing more and more of these skincare devices advertised. I am quite interested in skincare, so the more I saw the more my interest was peaked. Eventually, I did some actual deep down research into them myself, and oh boy, did I find a gold mine!

LED light therapy has been around for AGES. And I really do mean ages. NASA used it to help to heal astronauts in space. You can read all about it here. It turns out that red light therapy, especially that given off by LED’s, makes a massive difference when it comes to healing. It can be used for helping chemotherapy patients recover, as well as promote the healing of injuries.

I broke my leg a while ago, and ended up with two plates in my ankle, each one holding a bone together. Since I read the article by NASA, I thought well why not? So I got my hands on a red light-emitting device.

And boy, have I noticed a difference!

To be fair, it is a skin device, but who says you can only use it on your face? Since I have begun the red light therapy I have seen a huge reduction in scarring, as well as relief from almost constant aches.

So if light therapy can do this for a deep-set bone injury, imagine what it could do for your skin? Well, to help you out with that, let me ask you three questions to discover if this may be the right device for you.


1) Do You Want To Improve Your Skin?

We all have skin. If you don’t, then you probably shouldn’t be reading articles on the internet, and a small LED device isn’t gonna cut it for healing for you. For the rest of us, we have skin all over our bodies, and often we have issues with that skin. Especially the skin on our faces.

LED light therapy treats pretty much ALL the issues that you could possibly be suffering from. To do this, a good device will have a variety of light colors. Each of the different lights does different things.

Red light therapy (one of the 3 settings) is amazing for wrinkles, scar reduction, lines, lifting, tightening, etc. Blue Light is great for killing bacteria, preventing acne breakouts, reducing hyper pigmentation, and brightening up dull skin, as well as shrinking enlarged pores.

2) Do You Want To Save 1000’s of Dollars?

Let’s face it (see what I did there?), skin care treatments are expensive. and what high-end Spa’s don’t want you to know is, that light is light. that means that no matter where the light comes from, it’s still pretty much the same stuff. You can get LED light treatment from $200 per session machine at a spa, or on a space station thanks to NASA, or in your own living room. It’s all the same thing really.

The secret that Spa’s are desperate for you NOT to find out, is that their machines are no better than yours. They may be bigger and look fancier, but that’s it. So why on earth should you go and pay 1000’s of dollars every year for a treatment that you can do, at home, in the bath, for free?

Makes no sense does it?

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3) Do You Want To Do All Of This Easily With Guaranteed Results?

When you think of the term “skin Treatment” you imagine needles and Botox and stiff facial muscles and pouty trout lips. Well, I do at any rate. It’s generally painful, a pain in the neck to arrange, and involves recovery time. The BEST thing about LED light therapy is that there is no recovery time, no painful treatments, no stiff facial muscles, nada. You can simply relax in front of the TV, or even in that bath, and run the funny looking little device over your skin for a few minutes. And Voila!

It’s also 100% safe. You can use it while pregnant, while breastfeeding, while in the sun, while in the dark, if you have cancer, if you are diabetic, it really has no limitations. The only thing that I do recommend very strongly is that you need to have clean skin. Make sure that you have no makeup on. You can definitely make use of various serums, especially those that are made for the device that you have chosen.

It’s ultimately up to you though. If you want to go and spend a whole chunk of change at your local Spa for a treatment that you can do at home, then I cant stop you. It does seem a bit counterproductive though. Especially when this device has been scientifically proven to help such a wide array of issues, not limited to just your facial skin either.

This special that I found from Elevatione gives you a 30-day money-back return policy too, no questions asked. They also have great support online as well as on social media. They ship worldwide for free too! So if you are looking for a treatment that ACTUALLY WORKS, that you can use in the comfort of your own home, and that has no downtime and is safe for everyone, then look no further!




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