5 Benefits I Got from This Light Therapy Device

Why I fell In Love with This Handy Little Device

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My story begins at a small skin clinic in London, I used to visit once a month back in 2019. I had been living in London for about 6 months, and right near my office was a small salon that had a special offer for a light therapy treatment they swore would help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other common skin concerns. Of course, skeptical me shrugged it off at first, but I passed this salon every single day on my way to and from work. Admittedly, I was taken by their marketing. 

I signed up for a treatment, and paid what felt like the price of a kidney or lung, and proceeded to experience a red light therapy treatment for the first time in my life. It wasn’t painful, in fact, quite the opposite, it was calming, relaxing, and I nearly fell asleep laying in that bed, with warm light just inches away from my face.

The results were astounding. I was 48 at the time, (49 now!) and I had developed some lines around my eyes, some on my forehead, and a few wrinkles around my mouth area. One session didn’t cut it, but I walked away that day craving to know more, but unable to afford the $200-$300 a session this was costing me. But I was sure that I needed to learn more about this tech. 

Fast forward to today: I’ve been using a home version of this salon device now since COVID hit my home state, and I’ve learned so much over the last couple months that I felt I wanted to share some of the most incredible benefits of Light Therapy, and show you what I use. 

This is my device. It’s called The Expressionist, and it’s made by a British Company called ELEVATIONE. I discovered them from a friend in London who was a member at one of their skin clinics, and she swore it was the same technology that I had experienced in London nearly a year ago. 

It has 3 Light Modes, Red, Blue, and Green.   Red being the mode you’d use for Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Scars etc. Blue is often used for Acne, Dark Spots, Age Spots, and for brightening the skin, as well as reducing pores. Green is a more general mode for evening skin tone,.  It Retails for $249 and generally has free shipping, a life time warranty, and occassionally goes on sale from what I’ve seen. 

I ordered it online, it arrived in about 2-3 days which was shocking since we were at the start of the pandemic and it was coming from the UK to California. Their team was helpful in guiding me how to use it, what colors to use when, and over-all were a breeze to work with. Now nearly 8 months later, I’m seeing massive differences in my skin, and just discovered other benefits as well. So behold, here are my 5 benefits I got from this device.

Five Benefits of Light Therapy & My Expressionist Device

      1. Wrinkle & Line ReductionI began using the device nearly every day for around 3-5 minutes. I was massaging my face with it in circular motions, particularly my forehead, and crows feet area. About a week or so in, I noticed small minor changes. But I kept at it and over time it just kept getting better and better. It truly works and was incredible to consider that even during a pandemic, I had a tool at my disposal I could use that would make an actual impact.
      2. Less BreakoutsUsing Blue light, I noticed when I added that into my skincare routine my breakouts were significantly decreased. In the past, I’d get hormonal breakouts about a week before my period, and now they are gone!
      3. Pain ManagementThis one shocked me. But apparently red light was originally developed by NASA, and then a clinical trial was conducted by NASA in a project called NASA H.E.A.L.S where they used red light therapy to help cancer patients have less discomfort and pain. I have been using my red light mode on my legs for 3 months now, and my muscle pain has eased up a lot, to the point that I’m positive this has been the main benefit by far for me.
      4. Hair GrowthIt’s no surprise but I’ve noticed over the last few years that my hair has been thinning. While this device was designed to be used as a facial tool, red light is red light! A Recent clinical study found that women who used red light on their scalp had nearly 38% increase in hair growth as opposed to not using red light. Sure, it is a bit annoying, and I’m considering buying a light cap, but for now the fact that I can use one device for multiple things is a huge BONUS.
      5. Skin BrighteningI mentioned in the second list that blue light helped me a lot with acne and breakouts. But blue light is also amazing for brightening, and my skin has become so alive and fresh, where in the past I had quite dull skin. Yay!


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