5 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Device As A Gift For Her

Get Her The Perfect Skincare Gift

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We women love to get gifts. Quite often, however, deciding on what to give us is not always the easiest thing in the world. Luckily in this day and age, there are so many amazing gadgets and items on offer that gift-giving has moved beyond chocolates and bath stuff. One such gadget is the new skincare devices that are all the rage.

Skincare devices used to only be available in high-end Spas and would cost the earth to have a session with. These days you can buy one for your own home. Paired with a range of good quality skincare products, and you have a gift that keeps on giving. Here are five great reasons to get her an amazing skincare device.

1) It Really Works

The best, and most unarguable reason to get a skincare device for her (or for you!) is that it WORKS. It really does. Science has proven that light therapy has a positive effect not just on the skin, but all the tissue below it too. Red light therapy can promote healing in muscle as well as blood vessels. Blue light therapy penetrates right down to the sub-dermis, killing bacteria and helping with infections, and green light therapy is anti inflammatory and calming.

Did you know that LED light therapy was created by NASA to help astronauts heal in space? So you can be SURE it works!

2) It’s Painless

We kind of expect skincare treatments to be full of needles and pain. LED light treatment devices are totally painless, and have no downtime. You can use them sitting at home, in front of the TV, or in the bath. (Just don’t drop it in the bath).

These LED skincare devices warm-up very gently to the touch if you are using the red light option, and can be slightly cool with blue light, but other than that you won’t feel a thing! Who knew you could have real skincare results without all the painful treatments?

3) It Treats A Variety Of Conditions

Not everyone’s skin is the same. We have different types and different issues. Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, acne, blemishes, dark spots, lights spots, the list of potential skin conditions is endless. LED light therapy skincare devices to combat an array of problems by making use of different wavelengths.

Red: Red LED light is speeds up collagen production, as well as enhancing cell repair. this was its original purpose when used by NASA in medical care for astronauts. Red light energy stimulates cells so that they function better, which means better healing and blood flow. In turn, this means that skin is plumper and healthier when exposed to red light therapy on a continued basis.

Green: Green light is the least common of the LED light therapies. It does, however, pack some serious punch when it comes to evening out skin tone. It slows the production of melanin, which means that dark marks get zapped in no time.

Blue: Blue is the big bacteria killer. This light frequency does wondrous things for acne and all sorts of infections. It has been scientifically proven to kill the P.acnes bacteria on the surface of the skin that’s most commonly responsible for breakouts.

4) It Goes Great With Other Skincare Products

What woman doesn’t love some deliciously decadent skincare products that really improve her skin? And what better than a device that makes those skincare products work even harder? Let’s face it, some skin care stuff can be super expensive. Having a LED device that heats, cools, and even vibrates will make her expensive lotions and creams and serums do their job twice as well.

5) It Works Best When Used Consistently

So imagine that the lady (who might be you) that you are wanting to buy this for has tried it, or heard about LED therapy, but knows that you need to use it every day for it to actually work. What’s the best way to put a smile on her face? To get her her own device that she can use every day of course!



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