5 Secrets To Beautiful Skin This Festive Season

Keep That Gorgeous Glow Without Cutting back On The Festivities

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON December 28, 2020 0 comments 78 VIEWS

We all know that this time of year can be hell on your skin. What with late nights, lots of rich food, unhealthy drinks like alcohol, and parties your skin can really take a beating.

I know that in the half-life period between Christmas and New Year, I often wake up with bags under my eyes, and skin that feels like it wants to crawl off and find a new home.

So what can one do about it? Should we just stay at home, eat brown rice, and drink water? Luckily for your inner party animal, the answer is no! Here are five secrets to help you be the life of the party, and still wake up fresh as a daisy the next day.

Water, Water, and More Water

Seriously. I cannot stress this enough. With all the sodium-rich foods, the booze, and the possible second-hand smoke, your skin is going to dry up like a prune. And sag at the same time. The best way to combat this is to stay hydrated. Make sure that for every glass of wine you drink, you have one of water. Drink at least 500ml of water at night before bed, and a good large glass when you wake up, BEFORE your coffee.

Coffee makes skin worse, by the way. Especially if you have been indulging. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it causes your body to retain water. This equals all sorts of puffy for your skin.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

The festive season is all about good cheer, great food, and often late nights. The best way to make sure that your skin stays healthy is to make sure that you get AT LEAST 8 hours of good sleep a night. Alcohol has a tendency to disrupt your sleep, so try to stop drinking at least an hour and a half before bedtime. If you are planning on having a late one, don’t force yourself to get up too early.


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Take A Walk

Exercise may not be high on our lists at this time of year, but you really need to get out there and get the blood flowing. If you are on vacation, take a walk to see some local sites. Even if you are simply stuck at home, take a walk around the block or to your local coffee shop instead of a drive. Exercise does wonders for the skin, not to mention the waistline!

Take Some Me Time

Take some time out every day to just center yourself, and concentrate on wellness. A great to aid your skin to remain healthy during this time is an LED skincare device. These neat little gadgets have a range of light spectrums that help with pretty much every skin ailment under the sun.

Yes, sun damage can be fixed too!

LED light therapy has been successfully used by none other than NASA, so you can rest assured that it isn’t just a gimmick.

Red light, as we know, is great for increasing blood flow. It actually goes right down below the skin to affect the red blood cells in the veins of all the structures below. Have you ever held a red light torch in your hand and seen how the light reaches the there side of your hand? That’s how far it can penetrate. In skincare devices, red light treats wrinkles, scarring, fine lines and also lifts the skin by improving blood flow.

Blue light is cooling, and you can feel it on your device. It has been clinically proven to kill bacteria, resulting in a massive reduction in acne. It is also great for any wound that may need antibacterial treatment. Use it after you come home from going out to zap any nasty bugs that may be lurking on your hands or even shopping.

Green light brightens skin and removes all sorts of marks. I have white patches after my pregnancy, and I have seen a massive reduction in those since using the green light mode on the Expressionist.


Get A Good Routine Going

Sticking to a routine at this time of the year is not always easy, but it is totally necessary. I know that I am much more prone to break out during the festive season. This is because of all the sugar and other rubbish that we consume.

Wash, tone, apply products. EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY.

And don’t use cheap products either. Good quality skincare products cost more for a reason. They are made of higher quality ingredients and have a much better effect than dime-store stuff.

So whatever you do this season, don’t neglect your skin. keep yourself hydrated, use good quality products, and take the time out to use a skincare device to reduce any damage that you may be causing with all the festivities.

Happy Holidays!





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