5 Things I Wish I Knew About Skincare When I Was Young

Did You Know About These Essential Tips?

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Skincare is without a doubt a journey. For those of us lucky enough to have a parent or guardian who is savvy enough to pass on their knowledge you may be several steps ahead on the journey. For everyone else, however, we need to figure things out as we go along. I have had bad skin for most of my life. If I knew about skincare when I was younger, I would probably have been able to avoid it, at least to a certain degree.

As with everything in life, experience leads to knowledge. As does reading! As the adage goes, ignorance is no excuse, especially in today’s world where information is literally at your fingertips. So to help you to claw your way out of the dark ages of your own skincare, I have created a few neat tips.


Every day. Without fail. All the time. I must admit, I am terrible at this. But the truth is, even if you are inside, you need to put sunscreen on. Using SPF 50 every day when you are young will help your skin to reduce the number of fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches when you are older.

I am sure that you have seen those nut-brown senior people lying in the sun like lizards at a beach? Their skin often looks a bit like old boot leather. Ok so that is an extreme example of what happens if you DON’T use sunscreen, but the fact remains that we need to love our pale skin. Not everyone can tan, and that’s ok. Don’t spend hours lying in the sun without sunscreen. In fact, don’t leave your house without sunscreen. And don’t, whatever you do, use a sunbed!

Get To Know Your Skin Products

When I was younger a lick of soap, maybe followed with some body cream was totally sufficient. Today I know that I should have been using a decent face wash, a toner and a face cream designed for oily skin. Masks would have, without a doubt helped extensively.

A full beauty regime is much more popular, even for younger people, than it was in my time. But do you actually know what skincare products you SHOULD be using? Do you know what is in your face cream? Do you use a serum, and do you know what each serum is for? There are many popular ingredients right now that do various things. Hyaluronic acid is a super moisturizer, even used to lubricate joints. For your skin, it’s like a great big drink of water.

Vitamin C brightens and lightens, and helps with dark spots and dull skin tone. Skincare creams and products are being touted everywhere, it is up to you to know which one suits your skin the best and to choose a good quality brand.  Have a look at these guy’s products. They offer a small, boutique company with personalised customer care and incredibly good quality.

Speaking Of Which, It’s Never Too Early For Retinol

Retinol is not just for your mom. It’s a suped-up version of Vitamin A that helps your skin produce collagen. In your mid to late 20’s your skin’s production of collagen slows down, resulting in reduced elasticity and more wrinkles. Gone are the days of tight, smooth skin that needs very little maintenance. So, the sooner you start using a product that involves retinol, the better. You can choose between face cream or serums, but either way, make sure that you add retinol to your routine now!

Invest In Skin Devices

Investing is most definitely the right word here. Your skin is an investment, one that you may have wished you had made earlier. Today’s world is full of amazing technology, and the skincare industry is no different. One can buy home devices that do pretty much anything, from exfoliation to smoothing wrinkles, reducing pigmentation, and tightening pores.

Some of the best devices that you can buy are LED light therapy “wands”. LED light therapy has been proven by NASA to not only improve skin conditions but to actually assist in headlining. It is great for scars, sore muscles, and injuries. I use mine on my leg, which I broke a year ago, and boy does it make a difference! I LOVE these devices that offer red, blue and even green light. Blue light is proven to zap the bacteria that causes acne, how I wish I had one of these all those years ago!

Keep Your Things Clean

We all know now that keeping your toothbrush next to your toilet is a terrible idea. But what about your skincare products? Do you leave your makeup brushes and cleansing sponges in the bathroom near the loo? How often do you clean them? Your mom may have not spent a lot of time cleaning her brushes you sure should.

Think about coating your face with bacteria-ridden, gunky paste, not very pleasant is it? Simply clean your brushes by massaging a bit of baby shampoo into the bristles. Shake it off, and leave it on a towel with the bristles pointing downwards to allow any excess water to run off. Sponges can be treated the same way, with a  bit of sanitiser added to the shampoo for extra cleaning power.

Good Sleep, Good Food

This may sound obvious, but what we put into our skin, is what we see on the outside. Junky, sugar-filled rubbish will affect your skin. Breakouts, dull skin tone and blotches can all be expected with a bad diet. And that’s just what shows on the outside! A good diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and clean protein will go a long way to keeping your complexion clear, and your cholesterol low.

Eating healthy is not enough, however, you also need to get enough sleep, and drink enough water. Water is ESSENTIAL for good skin. If your body is dry, your skin will be dry too. you should be driving at least 2 litres of water. If you find this difficult, keep a water bottle next to you at all times, and take sips every few minutes. Fill it when it’s empty, and you will be surprised how much you end up drinking.

And lastly, get enough sleep! We are often so busy that we don’t make time to really rest. Eight hours a day is not an exaggeration. Your body needs the time to recuperate. Too little sleep will result in a  dull complexion, bags under your eyes, and a generally unhealthy look that is difficult to shake. Not only do you need your 8 hours but they need to be restful too. Take the time to relax before bedtime, don’t use any electronics or screens for at least half an hour before bed, and try to quiet your brain for a restful night.

If I had known, and followed, these tips when I was younger, I would very likely have a much better companion than I did!


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