Amazing Places That You Can Use Your Expressionist Device

It's Not Where You Think!

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON January 15, 2021 0 comments 75 VIEWS

So I am sure by now that you have heard the hype around the LED Light therapy device, the Expressionist from Elevatione. For those of you that already have it, Well done!

Why is there so much hype you ask? Well, that is a very easily answered question.

Because it WORKS.

Simply put, LED Light therapy has been proven by NASA and other clinical trials to actually make a difference to your skin.

I was skeptical as well initially, and then I tried it. I have had historically lousy skin since my teens, and I am now flirting with the edge of 40. Deciding to buy into the hype out of desperation, I ordered an Expressionist.

Holy cow, was that a GREAT move!

My skin has since cleared up dramatically. To be fair, I am also using their skin products that have been recommended with the device, and I think that makes a big difference.

Have a look at some amazing serums to use with the device here.

But anyway, on to the topic of this blog. Did you know that you can use the device in many more places than just the recommended sitting on a couch or a chair and on your face?

Got your attention?

Read on to find out some cool and interesting places to “Expressionise”! (Yes, I have just coined that phrase)


#1 The Rest Of Your Body

OK so the Expressionist is marketed as a facial skin device, but there is nothing stopping you from using it all over your body. I have a quite badly broken leg and have been using it on the scarring where they put the plates in. Just 5 minutes a day of red light has already made a difference with pain. I can walk better, I can see more blood flow, and the nerves are returning.

The scars from the surgery are also improving thanks to the red light. And it’s so simple! Just a few minutes a day, while Netflix and chilling, and I am seeing a vast improvement in my leg.

#2 In The Bath

Not finding the time to sit and use your Expressionist as often as you want to? Did you know that it is waterproof! If you are the bathing type, you can relax in a delicious bubble bath and give your face a good treatment. Don’t worry about the device taking a swim, as it won’t affect it at all. Even just 8 minutes a day, cycling through the colors or even focusing on one color will make a difference to your skin.


#3 On Your Hair

Not only does the skin on your face and body absorb light, but so too does the skin on your head! If you have thinning hair, or even missing patches for a number of reasons, use your Expresionist device on your scalp. Simply run it as close to the skin as possible, because it will only work if the skin absorbs the light. The hair itself is dead, so running light over it won’t have any effect. The scalp can be stimulated to improve follicle growth though.

So there you have it! Not only does your Expressionist device actually really work for the skin on your face, but it can do wonders elsewhere as well. Also, It can be used in the bath, while watching TV, while reading a book, the possibilities are endless!



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