Are You Making This Massive Skincare Mistake?

The Benefits Of Good Quality Skin Products

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON December 30, 2020 0 comments 53 VIEWS

Not all skincare products are created equal. I discovered this myself the other day when I bought some dime-store skin cream. “Ooh, this smells nice! I’ll save some bucks and just use this for a while!”

Wow, was that a mistake.

It was all sorts of greasy, and my skin reacted to it like a large volcanic eruption. I broke out all over, even under my jaw in those nasty deeply rooted pimples. Never again will I try to save money by buying cheap skincare stuff. Go the expensive route right from the beginning and save yourself the heartache!

Anyway, here are three great reasons why good quality sin care products are the way to go. ALWAYS.

They Contain The Good Stuff

Much like food, quality skincare products will be chock full of quality ingredients. McDonald’s tastes great, but as far as nutrition goes it leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s just say that they aren’t totally focussed on sourcing high-quality ingredients that are REALLY good for you.

The good skincare stuff will cost more, sure, because it costs more to make. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, plant botanicals, and essential oils are all beneficial for your skin in particular circumstances. Cheap creams tend to simply smear on, and then leave you feeling dry and let down within a few hours.

Good quality creams and serums, on the other hand, will help your skin to feel elastic for hours after you apply. Reducing wrinkles, dark spots, and even offering sun protection is the norm when you use a higher-level product.


The Benefits Can Be Astounding

Ok, so you know how these expensive creams and products are always claiming all sorts of incredible things? Let me let you in on a little secret. THEY AREN’T LYING!

That’s right, the chances are with an expensive skincare product you will improve your skin’s appearance, exactly as they promise. This is because big brands have to go through all sorts of testing, and cannot make wild claims that cannot be backed up.

So when you buy a brightening cream or serum that contains Vitamin C, assuming that it wasn’t cheap rubbish, and is from a well-known brand, it WILL brighten your skin tone and possibly reduce wrinkles too.

For years we have been looking for the fountain of youth, the best way to look younger and avoid all those saggy wrinkles and turkey neck. And it’s actually here! Thanks to modern technology like LED light therapy, coupled with really good quality skin products, you CAN look younger, and quickly too.

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Cheap Stuff Can Have Dire Consequences

I don’t want to be a prophet of doom, but you do need to be aware that cheap products can cause unimaginable issues for your skin. I mentioned earlier how a cheap cream caused breakouts, and I ended up with cystic acne on my neck. To be fair, I am prone to that but had just managed to get it under control.


They really aren’t. Inferior ingredients can cause reactions, some of which may last for months. Fixing the problems caused by cheap skincare products will very often cost triple the amount of the product. It is MUCH cheaper, in the long run, to simply buy good quality stuff and avoid the problems altogether.

Not only that but good quality products last longer when used correctly. You will probably have to slather on the cheap skin cream to get even a modicum of moisturization, whereas the expensive stuff only needs a tiny pea-sized dot for your whole face.

So don’t scrimp. I know times are tough right now, and we are all looking for ways to save money. But your skin simply cannot afford to take the brunt of cheap and nasty skincare products. Buy the good cream, get the serums, and watch the difference as your skin blossoms and time stops.











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