Are You Using Your LED Skincare Device Correctly?

Check Out This Quick Tutorial

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We know that some people are confused as to exactly how to get the most out of their Expressionist LED Light Therapy devices, so we have jumped in to help! 

To take the mystery out of one of the best LED light therapy devices on the market, and to help you make the absolute most of your device, we have laid out an easy to understand tutorial. 

Firstly, we just want to do a little refresher about what makes the Expressionist such an amazing little gadget. We know that you know why you bought it, but do you know EXACTLY what all the light spectrums are good for?

  • Red light, as we know, is great for increasing blood flow. It actually goes right down below the skin to affect the red blood cells in the veins of all the structures below. Have you ever held a red light torch in your hand and seen how the light reaches the other side of your hand? That’s how far it can penetrate. In skincare devices, red light treats wrinkles, scarring, fine lines and also lifts the skin by improving blood flow.
  • Blue light is cooling, and you can feel it on your device. It has been clinically proven to kill bacteria, resulting in a massive reduction in acne. It is also great for any wound that may need antibacterial treatment. Use it after you come home from going out to zap any nasty bugs that may be lurking on your hands or even shopping.
  • Green light brightens skin and removes all sorts of marks. It does this by affecting the melanin production in the skin and balancing it. Use it to lighten dark marks, or even out lighter patches.





Right, now that we know what every setting does, here is an easy to follow step by step guide to using your Expressionist.

  1. Cleanse with a high-quality facial cleanser such as the Elevatione Foamy Cleansing Gel
  2. Apply a high-quality toner to every area of your face, avoiding the eyes, but including your neck. Try the Elevatione Milk Cleanser & Toner
  3.  Apply your serum or capsule, depending on skin type. We recommend the Age Beautifully Face Serum.

**PRO TIP** Capsules, such as the Pro-youth Capsule Serum, can be lightly pricked with a pin or a needle, and only the correct amount used. There is quite a bit of product contained in each capsule!

  1. Begin with the light spectrum color that addresses your most pressing issues. For example, if you are targeting fine lines and wrinkles, spend more time with the RED light setting. Your main light setting should be used for up to 8 minutes in total. That means in all parts of your skin that you wish to treat.
  2. Once you have used your main setting, you can spend up to three minutes with each other. Some clients use one light setting on part of their face, for example, red light on their neck and jawline, and green light on their cheeks. 
  3. Use the device directly on the skin in a circular motion. You can do either big circles or small ones depending on the size of the area that you are treating.
  4. For best results use your Expressionist at LEAST three times a week. The more you use it, the better the results will be. It can be used up to three times per day.
  5. Remember, there are no side effects, no pain, and it is a  totally non-invasive treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home
  6. Apply a good quality face cream to the whole treated area. We love these Elevatione Moisturisers. 

And there you have it! Simple, hassle-free, non-invasive, and effective spa-worthy skincare treatment in your home!






Question: My device Automatically Cycles. Is this normal? How do I keep it on the color that I need? 

Answer: Your Expressionist device will automatically cycle. Simply toggle it back to “red” or whichever color you have chosen and want to be using for your current session. For example, If you are using red light,  after 3 mins it will cycle to green. Simply touch the button, and it will immediately move to the next setting. Press it again and it will be back to your original color. You can also turn the auto cycling mode off.

Question: Is there a limit to how many sessions you can do? I’m doing the blue two sessions, that six minutes. But I’m wondering if I could do more? 

Answer: You can increase slowly a little each day. Some people do up to 10-12 minutes for a few weeks during heavy breakouts. If you see any adverse reaction reduce your session time.

Question: Can these devices be overcharged? I don’t want to kill it by leaving it plugged in overnight.

Answer: Not really. It uses USB, which like our phones stops charging once it has fully recharged the battery. It shouldn’t be left for weeks at a time, but for a couple of days, it should be fine.

Question: Can I use it on other parts of my body like my neck?

Answer: Of course! Your Expressionist device can be used on any skin! It makes a huge difference to the skin on your neck and has even been used to heal old injuries and nerve damage.

Question: Do I rub the machine directly on my face?

Answer: Yes! Directly onto the skin allows the light to penetrate deeply to the lowest layers of the dermis.

Question: What age can you use the expressionist from?

Answer: LED light therapy is safe for all ages and skin types. 

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