Best Easter Skincare Ideas

Keep Your Skin In Great Shape These Holidays

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As the Easter holidays approach, the seasons are changing for everyone around the world. March Equinox heralded the exact balance where days and night are the same lengths, with the promise of spring in the Northern hemisphere, and winter in the Southern hemisphere. Not only does the change od seasons wreak havoc on one’s skin, but a long night celebrating with friends and family can end up doing the same.

Ok, so Easter may not be a jolly as the Christmas holidays, but it is sure to be full of long delicious meals, great drinks, and of course, lots of chocolate.

Too Many Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate alone can do terrible things to one’s skin. Excess sugar dehydrates you, as well as causes breakouts. If you are going to indulge, it’s best to stick to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has actually been proven to have a positive influence on your skin. It’s super high in antioxidants and contains much less sugar than its milk and white counterparts.

Don’t Skip The Routine

As tempted as you are to simply fall into bed, and wake up with all your makeup on, don’t! skipping your skincare routine, especially as your sleep patterns will be disrupted is a terrible idea. You will most definitely feel the consequences with breakouts, dry patches and dark circles.

Take the time every night to wash your makeup off with an appropriate cleanser, tone and moisturize at the very least. if you have the time, doing a face mask is always a good idea. A quick session with an LED light therapy device will also help you to wake up looking fresh as a daisy.

If you don’t already have an LED light therapy device, buy one HERE

Exfoliate Properly At Least Once

Exfoliating is a necessary, although contentious issue. You most definitely need to do it, but too much can lead to the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Chemical exfoliates often include salicylic acid, which breaks down sebum leaving you feeling smooth and clean. Too much of them, however, can lead to red and blotchy skin.

Physical exfoliates involve some sort of rough ingredients such as micro beads or tiny pieces of fruit pip. Micro beads have been proven to be disastrous for our world’s oceans and sea life, however, so do try to avoid them at all costs.

The best means of exfoliating your face in today’s times is in fact with a Hydrasonic facial device. If you have not heard of these, you may recognize them under their other name of skin spatula or skin scrubber. these ingenious little gadgets use sound waves to clear your pores of any excess sebum or dead skin cells. Not only are they the best way of exfoliating your skin during the Easter holidays, but they all aid in absorbing skincare products and will give you an overall better appearance.

Get a Hydrasonic Facial Device HERE.

In general, the best way to maintain your skin’s health over the Easter Season is to not overindulge in either chocolate or alcohol, get as many early nights as possible, and make sure that you stick to your skincare routine. Make sure that you wear sunscreen if you go out in the sun, and drink as much water as you can! Other than that, enjoy the holidays, take some time to relax, and be safe!

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