Best Skin Routine For Oily Skin

Get Clean Clear Skin With This Easy Routine

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON October 6, 2020 1 comments 156 VIEWS

No one likes oily skin. Unfortunately, many women all over the world suffer from it. Keeping to a strict skincare routine with good quality products can help your skin to balance its moisture and oil naturally. Cheap facial products can have the opposite effect, causing breakouts, blemishes, and dry patches.

Don’t Skip The Cleanse

Cleansing your face morning and night is essential when battling oily skin. During the day your skin is exposed to the elements as well as heat, pollution, and free radicals. This all means that it can overreact by producing oil to keep itself protected. After all, skin hates to be dry. Cleansing with am appropriate cleanser at night before you go to be will help to wash away the day’s dirt and grime, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

The morning cleanse is just as important. Especially if you live in a hot climate, your skin will produce oil while you sleep. This can be exacerbated by lying on a pillow or having some other object right up against your skin all night. Begin your day fresh with a good face scrub and cleanse with an appropriate cleanser. 

Don’t Forget To Tone

Toner is often a step that we skip. We wash, and then quickly moisturize to be on our way with our busy lives. Toner is incredibly important though. It’s not just that random clear liquid that you put on your skin before the cream. A good toner will balance the pH of your skin, causing it to produce less oil. A skin who’s acid mantle is out of whack will try to adjust by creating more oil, ultimately blocking pores and leading to all sorts of issues. Use a gentle toner in the morning, and a slightly stronger one at night when you are going to apply a robust night cream.

Use The Right Moisturiser

Moisturizing is critical, and not as simple as you may think. Using any old moisturizer that is lying around won’t do your oily skin any favors. Be sure that you have invested in both a decent day and night cream, and use them appropriately.


Morning creams are lightweight and have some serious hydration power. They often contain an SPF as well as a possible color base. These day creams are chock full of things like Vitamin C, botanicals, and everyone’s favorite, hyaluronic acid.


Night cream, by contrast, is heavier and more packed with tightening and age reducing ingredients. as we don’t usually wear makeup over our night cream, it can be thick so as not to have to absorb too quickly. Night cream is designed to enrich your skin as you sleep, as this is when we do our most rejuvenating


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