Do You Still Believe These Sunscreen Myths?

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Sunscreen. So important there was a whole song written about it. But do you even ‘screen, bro? And if you do, do you do it properly? Over the years there have been a number of myths that have clung to sunscreen, and how we are supposed to wear it. To help you sort the rubbish from the truth, we have laid out 4 tenacious sunscreen myths that need to be busted, like now!

1 You Don’t Always Need It

A stubborn, and dangerous myth is that those with a darker skin tone don’t need to wear sunscreen. We all know that the fairer you are, the more you burn, but that does not mean that those at the other end of the spectrum don’t have to worry. Skin cancer can be a killer and can strike ANYONE. Sure, the more melanin you have, the more protected your skin is, but you will still suffer from the signs of ageingsuch as wrinkles, dry skin and melasma.

Bust It:

No matter how much melanin you have, always be sure to use sunscreen if you are going into the sun. Be aware of the cumulative effect of even minor sun exposure, especially during everyday activities like work or outdoor sports.

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2 Your Make Up Is Enough

No. It’s not. Although many makeup brands come with an SPF factor, it’s not enough to really protect your skin. You absolutely need to use at least an SPF 50 EVERY DAY. Even if you aren’t planning on going out into the sun. Of course, you could simply put on a million layers of base so that you look like a pancake and it cracks when you smile, but that’s not recommended either.

Bust It:

Make sure that you put on about half a teaspoon of at least SPF 30 before you put your makeup on. Chemical sunscreen works in a different way than physical or mineral sunscreen. Learn more about that here. If you don’t have time to read the article, the TL/DR is that chemical sunscreen takes a while to work, but is more sweat resistant. Physical sunscreen is immediately effective but can run or look greasy.

3 You Cant Tan With Sunscreen

Sunscreen will definitely protect you from the sun, but it won’t block absolutely everything. Your skin tans when it is exposed to both UVA and UVB rays. When you go on a tanning bed, you are mostly bombarded with UVA rays. This will give you a short term tan, and BTW it will NOT protect you or take the place of actual sunscreen. When you apply sunscreen, and even re-apply you will still have some UV rays reaching your skin, which means that you can still tan. It also means that you won’t end up with 3rd-degree burns or blistered peeling skin.

Bust It:

Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Obviously, this depends on how fair your skin is. If you have very fair freckly skin you may want to use something with a bit more punch. Make sure that you change position frequently, like roasting a  rotisserie chicken. That way you will expose every part of yourself equally to the sun’s rays

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4 Sunscreen Is Sunscreen Is Sunscreen

This is very untrue. We have already touched on the fact that there is both physical and chemical sunscreen. The truth is it’s the ingredients that make up sunscreen, as well as your skin tone that should determine what sunscreen you choose. And choose carefully. Physical or mineral sunscreen is the white goopy stuff that may be greasy and will leave a slight white sheen that is especially visible on darker skin tones. Chemical sunscreen is much lighter and will go better under makeup. It also won’t block your pores as much. But beware! There is nothing worse than chemical sunscreen dripping into your eye throughout the day!

Bust It:

Choose your sunscreen carefully. If you are planning on being outdoors all day, especially during the heat of the day, it is probably best to use a mineral or physical sunscreen with as high an SPF as you can find. If you are working indoors like most of us, wear a chemical sunscreen under your makeup. This will be much lighter, but will still protect your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays. Even those that come off your devices!

The main takeaway from this is: wear sunscreen. Every day. Don’t skimp on some decent stuff just to save a few pennies. Even if you are working indoors, and don’t think that your skin gets much sun exposure, it probably does. Layer on the good stuff before putting on your makeup. Believe us, your skin will thank you!

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