Don’t Use A Face Mask Until You Read This

How To Tell Which Face Mask Is Best For Your Skin

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON October 6, 2020 2 comments 132 VIEWS

Face masks are the way to go. And I don’t mean the ones that cover your mouth and nose so that you don’t get sick. Face masks for your skin have moved out of the realm of the expensive spa, and into our own homes. We can now make masks from all sorts of homemade ingredients and achieve all sorts of results. We can also buy pre-made masks from well-known brands such as Elevatione, Este Lauder and Revlon. These masks have all sorts of great ingredients in them and can do wonders for our complexions. But how do you know which mask is best for your skin type?

Your Skin Type

Your skin type will play a huge role in what mask you use. If you have oily skin, you don’t want to put a mask on that will make the oil go out of control and potentially block your pores. If you have dry skin, you want to add as much moisture as you can in order to have elastic glowing skin. If you don’t get the right mask for your skin, you can potentially run into breakouts, dry patches or spells, blocked pores, irritated or inflamed skin, and a huge waste of money.

The best way to find out exactly what sort of skin you have is to speak to a dermatologist. Some department stores have people that will assess your skin for you and tell you what type you are and what products you should be using. These people are found in the makeup section, and most often work for a particular brand.


Beware Of Irritants

Many masks contain natural ingredients, but they can still cause intense irritation for your skin. For example, in most cases, tea tree oil is calming and anti-inflammatory. In some cases, however, it causes irritation in the form of a red and itchy rash. Before you put anything on your skin, you need to ensure that you know exactly what is in it, and how your skin will react. If you are not sure, then test a small piece of skin, for example behind your ear, to see how it reacts to the product.

Know What Does Work

knowing what does work for your skin will help you to narrow down which product to buy. there are so many choices out there, ranging from cheap to expensive, that wading through them can be a mammoth task. If your skin feels like it needs a bit of brightening, then a mask with Vitamin C is probably the way to go. Hyaluronic acid helps to lock in moisture right down to the lowest levels. Natural botanicals can have antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and reverse the signs of aging.

Buy Good Quality

Cheap masks are a dime a dozen. When you are shopping for a good quality face mask, be sure to buy one from a recognized retailer. This way you can be sure that the ingredients in it are top of the range, and less likely to cause a reaction with your skin.



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