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Good skin care isn’t a fad, but certain looks can be. In the middle ages, it was all the rage to have white pale skin. So much so that every lady applied a white paste to their skins to achieve this look. As with anything, there were expensive versions of the makeup and cheaper ones. Both, however, contained lead.

Lead-based makeup not only made your skin pale, but in the long run made you pale forever. Lead is incredibly toxic and eventually kills you, so you can imagine how slathering it on your face every day in a thick layer just to look “beautiful” didn’t end well for many people.

Luckily in today’s day and age, we can all look beautiful without it threatening your life. And the biggest craze right now is beautiful dewy, natural-looking skin. No deathly white masks, thick makeup or even a contour in sight.

You know the look, beautiful, ever so slightly flushed skin, the kind that looks like it has never been sunburned in its life. You look at the person and can’t imagine how they have managed to go without squinting like, ever, and always drink at least 3 gallons of water a day.

Dewy skin may be a new trend, but it’s one that looks set to stay around for many years to come. As the world moves toward natural ingredients and healthy living, it’s only natural (see what I did there?) that our makeup looks will follow suit.

So how does one go about getting glowing, plump, beautiful skin without concealer or glittery highlighter?

Dewy Skin – The Low Down

The dewy skin craze hails from South Korea. The Korean look has always been about baby soft skin with an almost airbrushed finish and a magically poreless surface. Remember about 8 years ago when Kim Kardashian was teaching us all how to contour and create a look akin to a painted canvas? Sure professional makeup artists are still trying to perfect the look, but for us everyday peeps the “glass look”, or dewy skin is the way to go.

To achieve the look you need smooth skin with just a hint of glow. It should look hydrated and plump, with no visible pores or uneven tone. Overall its a fresh, glossy and natural look.

Simple, right?

It’s All About The Cleanse

The first step to dewy skin is a good, deep cleanse. After all, you cannot create clear beauty on a dirty canvas. In order to really get all the impurities off your skin, you need to cleanse twice. The first is to remove makeup, dead skin and any other gunkyness that may be lingering for whatever reason. The trick here is to do this WITHOUT stripping your face of any moisture.  Try this milky cleanser to gently remove oils and impurities.

Once you have cleansed away most of the surface rubbish, you now need to clear every pore. Our pores retain sebum, which is a natural product of your skin. AHA exfoliates or clay cleansers are wonderful for deep cleaning without stripping moisture. Remember the whole idea behind dewy skin is to keep it as hydrated as possible.

Once you have done that, you need to exfoliate.

Say what now? AGAIN?

Yup, you now need to physically buff all the dead and dull skin. I have to note here though, that exfoliating heavily every day is not recommended. Use a light and gentle exfoliating cream or bar once a day, like this one.  You can also make use of a Hydrasonic device, like this one. This magical little thing gets all the gunk out of your pores and dead skin off your face using simple sound waves. In fact, this device may be the best thing you could ever invest in when it comes to clear, dewy makeup-free skin.

Use The Right Products

OK, so now we have a clean canvas on which to create our art. You may have heard that you should never leave a cleansed face for longer than 30 seconds without adding moisture. This is especially true now that we have cleansed your skin 3 times.

Your first step is to apply a hydrating toner. As you may have noticed, everything we apply to the skin in the quest for perfect dewiness needs to be hydrating. Hydrating toner will shrink any remaining pores, and improve water retention, avoid anything with alcohol!

Pat the toner into the skin and allow it to dry. Once dry apply a Hyaluronic serum. Hyaluronic acid is the newest magic ingredient on any serum worth its salt. This stuff can hold over a 1000 times its weight in moisture, and is use to lubricate joints. You can imagine what amazing things it does for your skin.

Once the serum has dried, its now time to apply the final layer, a moisturizer. For this step you need to choose a moisturizer that has an SPF factor. As we generally want to create the dewy skin look during the day time, a sunscreen is essential.  A top tip here is to use a tinted moisturizer. It may be cheating, just a midge, but it sure helps!

Sneaky Tips

Dewy skin is possible at any age! The secret is to cleanse, moisturize and feed your skin from the inside. I am sure that I don’t need to tell you that you HAVE to dink enough water. If you find this difficult, get a water bottle and keep it next to you at all times. Add fruit to infuse it,and just sip throughout the day.befpre you know it you will be drinking the required 3 gallons without even noticing it!

Use body oil over you whole body when you need to cream up, it will absorb better and leave a smooth shimmer instead of a thick coat.

When you are done with your moisturizer, add a lick of clear gloss over your cheek bones, brows and the tip of your nose. Remember here that a little goes a long way!

And there you have it. Dewy skin is the new contoured, and boy are we glad!







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