Is This The Most Satisfying Skincare Device Ever?

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We have all watched Dr Pimple Popper, and have a slightly morbid fascination with blackheads, blocked pores and pimples. OK, so yes that may be a bit gross, but you can’t really deny it. Can you?

We spend hours trying to make sure that our skin is clear. Not just time is spent on this quest, but lots and lots of money is often thrown at it too. Products, spa days, facials, hours spent in front of the mirror… the list goes on and on.

With all of this in mind, what if I told you that there is now a device that can do all of this for you, in the comfort of your own home? Enticing, isn’t it?

Doubts, Shattered

Ok, so I have never put much standing in “miracle devices”. Those that promise to do amazing things with very little effort. “Make yourself look ten years younger!” “Get rid of your wrinkles in a week!” “Lose all your belly fat simply by wobbling around on this shaky disk once a day!”

And then, I was sent a Hydrasonic Cleanser from Elevatione.

It came in a pretty, but unassuming box. Unpacking it, I took out a nice sized device that looked a bit like an old school telephone. Under the clip on top, is a gold head, flat like a spatula.

For those who have not heard of them, skin spatulas are all the rage. They use ultrasonic sound waves to coax all the gunk and sebum out of your pores, leaving you with clean, smooth and clear skin. No more squeezing, no more angry red nodules, no more blackheads or whiteheads. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But it’s not! It works!

True Exfoliation

I have bad skin. I am nearly 40 and still suffer from breakouts like a teenager. I spend a lot of my time looking for ways to clear my skin. So, back to the Hydrasonic device by Elevaitone.

After opening it, and exploring it for a while, I read in the manual that you can put “essence” into its little holding tank. I didn’t have any “Essence”, but I did have some really decent cleanser. So I filled up the tiny tank with a mixture of cleanser and water.

Turning the machine on, it beeps and lets you choose from three modes. Cleanse, Ultra and Nutrition. Cleanse and Ultra seem pretty similar, to be honest. A pleasant mist is emitted from the tank as the device vaporizes the “Essence”, or in this case the cleanser and water. The device also emits tiny micro-currents, that feels quite weird on your wet skin.

**You MUST use this device on wet skin, by the way, it is not meant to scrape your skin, it’s meant to glide over it and manipulate the rubbish out using the sound waves.**

This was very possibly the most satisfying skincare procedure I have ever undertaken. With every swipe, gunk came flowing out of previously blocked pores. Ok, well not flowing but you get the idea. Cheeks, chin, jaw bone and forehead; places that I didn’t even know needed attention, all gave up their sebaceous secrets.

Once I had completed the Ultra mode (you don’t need to do both Ultra and Cleaning, I recommend alternating them), I washed my face with warm water and cleanser, and inspected the results.

Clean, smooth clear skin. Pores that I had struggled with for years were unblocked, and visibly smaller. Even my husband remarked on my miraculous appearance.


What About Acne-Prone Skin?

I did find, however, that a day or so after my treatment and exfoliation that my skin had broken out more than usual. I am putting this down to the device activating hidden acne that would have come out in the future anyway. So don’t be alarmed if your skin does seem worse after using the Sculptura Hydrasonic Facial Device. Long term use will most definitely result in smoother skin all the time.


Get Yourself One Of These Bad Boys

Like, now. Go to their website and order it. They deliver worldwide and use couriers so that it is guaranteed to get to you. This Hydrasonic facial device is a game-changer. No more will you have to squeeze out disgustingness and risk infecting your skin and making it worse. This guy does it all for you. And it’s just as satisfying!

And if you REALLY want to boost its amazing skin-superhero powers, use it in conjunction with their skincare products. Elevatione are a boutique skincare company, which means that every item is made with loving care and not mass produced like some of the other big names.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a neat toy for yourself, a gift for a friend, and a really effective skincare device, look no further than the Sculptura Hydrasonic Facial Device from Elevatione.

Hydrasonic Facial Device




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