Is Your Neck Showing Your Age?

Why Caring for Your Neck Is Important

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON October 2, 2020 0 comments 548 VIEWS

A skincare routine is just that for many of us; routine. But how many people give any serious thought to the skin on their necks? The truth is that the skin on our necks is even more sensitive to that on our faces, and deserves its own routine and products.

Ageing Begins On Your Neck

Unlike the skin on your face, your neck has a much thinner dermis. This means that wrinkles and sun damage shows up here before it does on your face. You may have noticed that when you wake up in the morning, your neck and upper chest area has more wrinkles than your face, which slowly dissipates as the day progresses. To combat this, a skincare regime designed for your neck is essential, as is a bit of help from a device called a Sculptura Neck Perfecting Device.

 This neat little device rejuvenates skin condition, results in the reduction of a double chin, as well as smooths wrinkles. Used in conjunction with quality skincare products, you can expect to see a visible improvement within a few weeks. Why undergo painful surgery when much less invasive options are available at your fingertips? 

Tech Neck

These days we spend much of our time crouched over laptops, computers, or phones, this, in turn, causes the skin on our necks to become flaccid, and increases wrinkles. Much like sleep wrinkles, these wrinkles become ingrained over time. The best way to prevent these from becoming permanent is to initiate a skincare routine that includes the skin on your neck. 

Creams and serums will go a long way to smoothing the skin on your neck, but there are other devices designed to help as well. Keeping one of these neat little neck perfecting devices next to your computer, or even in your bathroom where it is easily accessed helps to ensure that you make use of it often. As will any skin improvement system, the more it is made use of, the better the results.

Less Moisture

The skin on your neck has fewer sebaceous glands than that of your face. This does mean that you have less chance of getting regular acne, but it also means that your neck skin is much dryer. This dryness also results in more wrinkles. Keeping your neck as moisturized as possible will help with this, especially as you are able to apply thicker cream without fear of a breakout. The Sculptura device can be used in both hot and cold settings that will enhance the efficiency of neck creams and serums. 

From The Neck Up

A superior skin care routine that includes your neck skin is essential to a holistic beauty approach. Creams, serums, and treatments can be applied to your neck specifically, and it is never too early to begin. As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity, and our neck shows this more than anywhere else. Making use of beauty devices from reputable brands such as Elevatione, l’Oreal, and other high-quality brands will help to stop aging in its tracks, and may prove to be more effective than beauty products alone. 



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