The Biggest SciFi Skincare Trends For 2021

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON January 12, 2021 0 comments 65 VIEWS

As we look to 2021, we know that the world as we know it has changed. Global pandemics have forced us to alter how we do things, from socializing to buying things. Masks have become a big part of our lives, and with them have come breakouts and skin conditions as we have never experienced before. Let’s face it, masks are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

So what can we expect from skincare to keep up with the times, and help us with the effects of wearing material on our faces every day?

#1 Bacteriophage Technology

With masks creating a lovely warm and moist environment on our faces, many people have seen a surge in bacterial related acne. Bacteriophage technology is on the rise, and although it may sound slightly alarming, I can assure you that it’s not.

Phages are tiny little organisms that eat bacteria. these guys reduce inflammation, redness and swelling associated with acne. Bacteriophages are now available in serum form and can be applied every morning before you put your mask on, and every night when you get home.

Blue light treatment has also been proven to destroy bacteria that cause acne. Home light therapy

#2 Lower Face Treatments

With more and ore of us working from home, we are seeing ourselves on computer and phone screens more often. And if you are anything like me, you are horrified at how bad the lower half of your face looks. Treatment that targets this, such as Botox in your neck muscles, is becoming increasingly popular.

You will still have to go into a dermatologist or another professional to have it done, but since you are quite likely going to be home anyway, recovery is much easier. We can also wear facemasks in public, which means that no one will see the recovery process! Bonus!

#3 Micro Needling

Originally micro-needling was used to introduce collagen into damaged skin for rejuvenation purposes. This is was extensively used with burn patients. These days, however, everyone and their dog are getting their skin micro needled. it’s safe, effective and minimally invasive. Although it must be said that it is not without pain and recovery time.

Imagine a roller full of tiny needles that create pinpricks in the skin. This in turn  encourages the skin to heal itself, taking care of old scars and uneven skin tone in the process. You can get microneedle machines for home, but due to the fact that they hurt quite a bit, most people still go into a spa or another professional to have it done.

#4 Light Therapy

You have probably seen the light therapy devices in various salons, and if you are anything like me you viewed them with a certain amount of disbelief. The truth is that LED light therapy is probably the future of skincare. Not only does it work, but it has been proven by NASA to do so.

Different spectrums create different effects and heal different skin conditions. Red light for example tightens up the skin, improves blood flow, smooths wrinkles, and lifts saggy areas. Green light improves discoloration by affecting melanin production.

Blue light needs its own sections. this amazing little piece of technology has been proven to kill bacteria and improve acne. This is GREAT news for us mask-wearing peeps that suffer from breakouts. Combine it with the bacteriophage technology, and you have a winning game plan to stop spots in their tracks.

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#5 CBD

CBD is everywhere, and for pretty good reason. This previously illegal technology is doing wonders for everything from skincare to building a house. Interest in it is growing exponentially, and so too will research and availability.

CBD has proven anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When used in conjunction with a device like a LED light therapy device, you will most likely begin to see the effects in as little as a few weeks.

Things To Leave Behind

As with any trends, as we move forward and learn we often chuck away practices that were once popular. here are two biggies to leave firmly in 2020!

Over Exfoliation

Over exfoliating, your face is like power washing the side of a building. Sure it gets rid of all the gunk to an almost cellular level, but it also destroys the surface. You should really only be exfoliating once a week. Begin gently, and increase to twice a week if you really have to and if your skin can take it.

Don’t Follow Stupid Trends

2020 was full of influencers and “experts” in sites like TikTok and Insta eagerly encouraging you to follow their amazing beauty routines. Don’t. Just, don’t. They most likely don’t know what they are doing, and at best very little will happen. At worst, you could do some serious damage to your skin!

So listen to the experts, buy the right products, and get glowing, dewy skin like you have never had it before this year!




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