The Glowy-Skin Grocery Run

Beauty From The Inside Out

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While an arsenal of the right skincare products and supplements are powerhouses at helping your skin glow, there are plenty of foods in your local supermarket that can maximize your complexion’s radiance too.  We all know the old saying, you are what you eat. Not only is this true, but what you eat shows up on your skin too! So for skin that’s plumper, smoother, clearer and more luminous, head to the grocery aisles — and throw these skin-loving supplies into your basket.

Foods That SMOOTH

An antioxidant known as flavonoids is a great tool for combating the breakdown of collagen, increasing blood flow and improving skin thickness, which, in turn, smooths out wrinkles. You’ll find flavonoids in fruits such as oranges and berries and — good news — indulgences including red wine and dark chocolate.


Blueberries are a superfood packed full of everything that your skin needs to be smooth and beautiful. The antioxidants in every little blue jewel fights free radicals, as well as boosting collagen fibres thanks to their secret weapon; anthocyanins. grab a handful of these bad blue boys every morning in fresh yoghurt, or take some with you on your travels to snack on throughout the day.

Foods That CLEAR

Zinc helps improve the function of your skin’s oil-producing sebaceous glands and is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This enables you to fight acne and inflammation and keep your skin clear of redness and blemishes. Oysters are one of the world’s most zinc-rich foods. You’ll also find zinc in fish, lean red meat, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.


Oysters? Really? Yuck! although you may not see these tiny bites of the fresh ocean as your go-to when it comes to a healthy meal, the truth is that pound per pound oysters are higher in zinc than most other foods. This includes salmon and other fatty fish. Of course, if you can’t get your hands on some fresh oysters, then shrimp, crab and other shellfish will work too. Grab yourself a bowl full of legumes such as lentils if you want to go the veggie route.

Foods That PLUMP

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids contain compounds called prostaglandins, which reduce and control inflammation and keep skin moisturized. Fish such as sardines, salmon, trout, and herring are all good sources. If you don’t eat fish, walnuts will do the trick, too.

Fatty Fish

You have heard of omega-3? If you haven’t, where on earth have you been? Omega three is best found in fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, and salmon. All of these amazing fish will give your skin the plumping boost that it needs. add these to your weekly meals at least twice a week. If you cant get fresh salmon, then canned will do in a pinch. Try to source sustainable and responsibly farmed or caught fish where you can.


Research has found that fruits and vegetables containing carotenoids — a pigment that affects skin color — can tint the skin, which translates to a subtle glow. You’ll find carotenoids in leafy greens, apricots, rockmelon, tomatoes, and sweet potato.

Cruciferous Veggies

It sounds like a mouthful to say, but most of your common green veggies fall into this group. that includes kale, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. They were named because their leaves look a bit like a crucifix. Cruciferous veggies are some of the most nutritious foods known to man. Add them to every meal, whether lightly cooked or even raw.

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