The Hangover Skincare Routine That You Are Missing

Number Three Is VITAL!

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON January 11, 2021 0 comments 82 VIEWS

This time of the year we often struggle with overindulgence, and the terrible repercussions of it. Waking up in the morning with puffy eyes, a pounding head and a mouth that tastes like a small rodent died in it is pretty common.

So how do we help our skin to survive this festive time of the year? Keeping to a super strict hangover skin routine is essential to avoid bloating, tiny eyes, and blotchy appearance!

Before Bed

Hangover skincare begins even before you get hit with the hangover. Before you go to bed the night before, be sure to drink at least 700ml of water. this may seem like a lot, but believe me, your skin and the rest of your body will thank you in the morning.

1) Start by drinking a glass of h2O as soon as you get home.

2) Eat some fruit high in natural sugars. This will give your body something to use as fuel as it tries to eliminate all the alcohol in your system.

3) NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON!! Even if it’s just a good wipe with a wet wipe, be sure to give your skin a cleaning of all the gunk that has accumulated during the night.

4) Once clean, pile on the overnight mask. Be sure to have some good overnight masks on hand to help your skin recuperate. This could be the difference between puffy dull skin the next day, or looking bright as a daisy!

The Next Morning

The morning after has arrived, and thanks to your night-before prep, your skin is not nearly as bad as you thought it may be! Sure, your head may be pounding, and you may need to reach for the Advil STAT, but at least your skin feels half decent.

1) Splash with cold water. As you roll out of bed, go straight to the bathroom, and splash your face with cold water. Try to make it as cold as you can to wake your skin up and shrink as much puffiness as you can.

2) Mask again! Now is the time to get another mask onto your skin.  Pick one that is high in Vitamin C, which will help with brightening as well as detox. We love this one: Vita Firm Mask. Also, have a look at why you need a quality skincare mask. 

3) Moisturize the snot out of your skin. Now is the time to slather on that moisturizer. be sure to use a day on, especially if you are heading off to work. If you have the luxury of just Netflix and chilling, you can make use of a heavier night cream to really pack the hydration back into your skin.

What Else Can You Do?

So now that you have the skincare regime down, you should know about a few extra secrets to make sure that your skin looks its best, all the time.

The biggest kept one is a LED Light therapy device. And guess what; it’s exactly the same as the ones used in Spas! So instead of heading over to an expensive day spa for some treatment, just do it right in your own home!

You can even do it before going to bed if you aren’t too tired from the party. Just a few minutes on each set will help your skin to cope with all the rubbish your body has consumed over the past few hours. Of course, You can also spend some time the next morning with it too. Sit over your morning coffee or tea, and use the device quickly on your face and neck. It’s so simple it will fit into any daily routine.


So there you go, stick to this and you will look fresh as a daisy the morning after, even if you don’t feel it!


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