The Light Therapy Treatment for Wrinkles that Saved Me Thousands

How I went from spending $1000s a year on Skin Treatments to Barely $200 a Year

By MEGAN POSTED ON October 12, 2020 0 comments 184 VIEWS

I’ve been fighting the physical signs of aging since my 30s. I had always known that it wasn’t as simple as dabbing on a bit of cream or serum and that my skin was going to crinkle up unless I interfered. Beauty companies don’t want you to believe this, it hurts their profits, and they want you to think that just by following a skincare routine alone, you’ll be all set.

I’ll admit it, I believed it at first too. I bought all kinds of stuff.

I was convinced that if I invested in the right brands, the right routine, that it would all be “a – alright.” Well it wasn’t. Not even close. I turned 40, and things just seemed to be going downhill from there.

Now before we rush off and get into the whole idea of natural, and the question I always get, “so what?! who cares, it’s natural to grow old….”, let me just say this: If we left everything to mother nature, millions would still be dying from Polio, Influenza, and dozens of other illnesses modern medicine of the decades has by and large turned extinct. So don’t judge me, but please… cut the #%@&, if there is a solution out there, I’m taking it, and maybe so should you.

So fast forward, I begin to investigate salon treatments. IPL, Microdermabrasion, and similar treatments. My goal wasn’t to turn back to my 20’s, oh no, I wasn’t delusional. I simple wanted to look my absolute best at 50, without having to cover my entire face in a bottle of foundation.

I spent in 2018, nearly $6000. Most treatments were $150-$250, and they had me suckered in for all kinds of added skincare.

But it didn’t do enough. Not $6000. I took a break in 2019, stuck to my skincare, and again, those wrinkles just got more pronounced. I couldn’t believe it. I committed in Jan 2020, that this year I’d find the answer. And then….

Well you know what happened. Every Salon shut down. Covid-19 took the world by surprise, and with it any chance of me finding my youth back.

Well not quite…. 

See I have been eyeing a treatment called Light Therapy for a while now. I had intended to get it done at my local salon in California, but our state is still pretty much locked-down.

So I did a ton of internet research, after-all, what else can you do during Covid-19 quarantine. I searched and ordered about 10 different home devices, and masks, and after 3 months of using different devices, I finally found the one that ticks every box.

It’s called The Expressionist and it retails for $249 normally. It uses near-infrared ultra LED to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, in one of three colors, Red, Blue, and Green. Each color has it’s unique powers, Red for Anti aging, Wrinkles, and Fine Lines. Blue for Acne, Scars, Dark Spots, Aging, etc. Finally, Green for toning the skin, and evening skin tone.

So light?! Are you kidding me? This is your solution? Well yes. Let me explain. In the early 90’s NASA (yes the darn space agency) tried an experiment where they wanted to create plants in outer space, and they wanted to use artificial light to help grow it. They studied LED light technology and discovered it had a long list of health benefits. They then proceeded to run a two-year trial called NASA H.E.A.L.S where they used Red Light Technology on Cancer patients. The results were staggering, and most of the patients trialed on, had reduced pain as a result of light treatments.

I’ve been using this device now for 2 months, and all around my skin has never looked as good. I’ve had less breakouts, my lines are fading, and a scar on my left cheek (I’ll tell you about it another time) has all but flattened.

I wanted ya’ll to get a good offer on this as well, so I contacted Elevatione, the brand who makes it, and got them to give you a fantastic one time deal. Exclusive to Lifestyle Clubhouse readers.

Get the deal here and save a bundle! Their free shipping and 30 days return policy is what got me, and I’m confident this is the absolute best device of this kind on the market.

Until next time….


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