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There are certain times of the year that we give gifts to each other; holiday seasons, birthdays anniversaries to name just a few. As much as we all love to get gifts, the saying goes that it is always better to give than to receive. This isn’t always easy, however. Gift giving is a bit of an art, and not always easy to get right. To help you out, we have compiled 5 great gifts for women over 40. Avoid disappointment by making sure that you give her the perfect gift.


We as women LOVE handbags. Even if we are not the sort to carry around a huge tote bag full of everything including the kitchen sink, we always want to take our stuff with us. Handbags work hard and wear out quite fast. We also like to have different types of bags for different occasions.  Women over 40 seem to particularly like the bigger style of bag, I know I do!

Buying a bag for the lady in your life may be hard, as everyone has a certain style that they like. If she has a collection of large tote-style plain color bags, then don’t go and buy her something tiny full of spikes and flashy bits. Take note of what she likes. For example, maybe she likes gold accents and dark colors. Maybe she likes fringes. Be sure to carefully look at what sort of bags she already has, and buy her something that fits.

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A Great Book

Not everyone likes to read novels to be sure, but every woman should appreciate a book catering to her taste. Whether it is a beautiful cookbook, a stunning coffee table book, or an absorbing novel, you will almost definitely hit the mark with a book.

Take the time to research what her interests are. For example, if she loves to cook, a book showcasing some out of the ordinary recipes would be an idea. Maybe if she loves animals, like cats or horses, get her a coffee table book with world-class photography. If she has a favorite hobby, such as scrapbooking, get her a comprehensive book on that. And of course, if she just loves to read, get her a novel by her favorite author.

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A Skin Device

Skincare has taken some amazing leaps into the future thanks to modern technology. Gone are the days when you have to pay huge fees to go to a spa in order to have light therapy. You can now simply buy a neat little device for your home.

Every woman, especially those over 40, are acutely aware of their skin. getting her a home light therapy device will be enthusiastically welcomed. The best of these devices have a number of different settings. Most will have red light, but the best have blue and green light too. Light therapy has been proven by studies to be beneficial to the skin, so your gift will be backed by science as well as convenience.

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A Gorgeous Candle

Really nice scented candles are not very cheap. We will often not buy one when we see the price and promise ourselves that we will get it next time. At the same time, scented candles go with everything and we as women absolutely love a good one. Whether it is a luxurious bath, or simply setting ambiance in your living room, we love having beautiful smells winding their way through our homes. Getting her a scented candle has conditions though. Don’t buy the cheap stuff, make sure that it smells like her favorite scents, and get as big a one as you can.

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A Skin Care Set

When we think of gifts for women over 40, we often consider a bath goodies set. The problem with this is that we women have been given so many of these the chances are that we still have unopened ones in the bathroom cupboard.

Instead of the usual, what about giving her a skincare box set? Most skincare box sets will come with a  serum, face cream, and another specialized item. a lot of big brands offer these, so make sure that whatever you buy is quality. try to have a look at what type of skincare ranges she is currently using, and match your gift to that.

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Banish Gift Giving Stress!

Giving the right gift can be stressful. However, if you choose from one of the above ideas, you are pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on her face, and banish the disappointment for good!


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