Three Vital Pieces Of Skin Care Tech That You Haven’t Seen Yet

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Technology these days is skyrocketing. Think along the lines of Tesla, Space X, VR, and all sorts of other cool gadgets that all make our lives better. Skincare is no different, with incredible new tech being discovered and created all the time.

Whether it is the technology that goes into products that actually do what they promise to do, or devices that cure almost every ailment under the sun, you can be sure that you can get your hand on something to create the glowy perfect skin that you have always craved.

So what should you be looking out for, and spending your hard-earned cash on in 2021?

Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent is exactly what it sounds like. It uses small amounts of electricity in order to give your face a workout, remember those belts that could be put on your abs that shocked them into exercise? It’s the same concept, but at a much smaller level.

Microcurrents is another treatment that was only available in spas, and now you can do it in your own home! It is painless, has no side effects, and no recovery time. Although it does feel really weird. Basically, it works out your muscles so that they are tighter and firmer, just like the gym does for the rest of your body. It must be noted though that it does nothing to help your skin absorb product. It only affects the muscles under your skin.

Really Good Facial Products

Just like research is going into creating electrical devices that can change your life skin wise, there is also amazing things happening on the product front.

After all, what’s the point in dance gadgets if you can’t nourish your skin from the inside?

Serums, moisturizers, and cleansers are all being looked at really critically to ensure that they do what they advertise. Ingredients are being tested and added. Your mom’s cold cream has no place in the targeted future of skincare products.

The partnership between beauty and health continues to grow, leading us to all sorts of amazing finds such as how Vitamin C  really does brighten skin. CBD is another ingredient that is being heavily researched and popping up more and more in all sorts of products.

We love these Pro-Youth Capsules with Hyaluronic Acid.

LED Light Therapy

Another device that was previously only available in spas, is light therapy devices. You can get them in all sorts of formats now, from wands to whole face masks.

LED light therapy targets certain skin conditions by using different light spectrums to do so.

  • Red light, as we know, is great for increasing blood flow. It actually goes right down below the skin to affect the red blood cells in the veins of all the structures below. Have you ever held a red light torch in your hand and seen how the light reaches the other side of your hand? That’s how far it can penetrate. In skincare devices, red light treats wrinkles, scarring, fine lines and also lifts the skin by improving blood flow.
  • Blue light is cooling, and you can feel it on your device. It has been clinically proven to kill bacteria, resulting in a massive reduction in acne. It is also great for any wound that may need antibacterial treatment. Use it after you come home from going out to zap any nasty bugs that may be lurking on your hands or even shopping.
  • Green light brightens skin and removes all sorts of marks. It does this by affecting the melanin production in the skin and balancing it. Use it to lighten dark marks, or even out lighter patches.

The best part? This technology has been proven to work by NASA! It’s not a fad, it’s not a gimmick, it really does do what it says it does.


If face and skincare have come this far in only a few years, imagine what the future may have in store for us? Futuristic devices that reset our skin to our teenage years? Pores being closed instantly? Who knows, the proverbial fountain of youth may be closer than we could ever imagine!

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