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Keep Your Skin Clear These Holidays

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON March 29, 2021 0 comments 97 VIEWS

We know just how delicious and satisfying it can be to indulge in creamy chocolate, especially this time of year when it seems that EVERYTHING is sweet based. The flip side to that, however, is the nasty breakouts that can follow days of eating refined sugar, drinking alcohol, and having late nights.

Luckily, we have compiled a few essential tips and tricks to help you keep your skin clear and smooth.

#1  Cleanse EVERY day

Twice a day to be precise. Cleansing and moisturizing should be the absolute basics of your skincare routine. Making sure that you do so twice a day during the holiday season isn’t always easy. You may have late nights or even later mornings. Getting home after an evening of festivities you will very likely be tired, and falling into bed the only thing that is on your mind.

Making sure that you wash your makeup off, and apply a good quality moisturizer or serum will help your wake up refreshed and clear. The same goes for your morning routine. Falling out of bed, hair all messy and blindly feeling for the kitchen to make a cup of coffee is probably all you can think about. Once you have had your coffee, be sure to wash and cleanse your face. If you have time, apply a face mask; possibly while you drink your coffee. Taking time out for your skin is essential in making sure it stays clear.

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#2 Use An AHA Exfoliator

Never heard of an AHA exfoliator? Don’t worry, you are not alone! And AHA exfoliator is a chemical cleanser that uses alpha-hydroxy- acid to clear pores. This naturally occurring acid is made from sugarcane or milk and does wonders for clearing breakouts before they begin. as with any exfoliant though, you shouldn’t use it more than twice a week.

#3 Mask, Mask Mask

The holidays may be hectic, but you must take time out to apply various masks to help your skin cope with the excess sugar and late nights. Clarifying masks can be used at night and should be kept on for at least 10 minutes. Have a cup of tea, or even read a chapter of a book before rinsing it off.

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#4 Use an LED Device

LED light therapy devices are amazing gadgets to help your skin cope with the stresses of this time of year. Most of them will offer a variety of light colours, including blue, red, and green.

Red light therapy (one of the 3 settings) is amazing for wrinkles, scar reduction, lines, lifting, tightening, etc. Blue Light is great for killing bacteria, preventing acne breakouts, reducing hyper pigmentation, and brightening up dull skin, as well as shrinking enlarged pores. The blue light setting also often comes with a cooling effect that is perfect for dark circles caused by indulgence.

We love this one.

#5 Practice A Healthy Cleanse For 5 Or 7 Days

Once the days of indulgence are over, spend at least 5 days on a health cleanse. Cut out alcohol, sugar and processed food. Get lots of sleep, and use your LED skincare device twice a day. Making sure that your diet during this time contains all the nutrients that your skin needs to heal and regenerate is vitally important.

Remember you have been eating chocolate and possibly consuming alcohol for a few days. It takes about three days for your lifestyle to show on your skin. Preempt this by mitigating the damage as much as you can.

Keeping your skin clear during a time when you are probably indulging and having late nights may seem like a pain, but believe me, you will reap the rewards!

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