What Does An Eye Contouring Device Do?

And Why You Need One

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON October 5, 2020 0 comments 229 VIEWS

Skincare devices used to be the territory of high-class Spas and other skincare professionals. They have been used for many years by dermatologists around the thinner skin of our faces and eyes to improve blood flow and absorption of skincare products. This amazing technology has now become available to pretty much anyone, and you can buy your eye contouring device online, with a few simple clicks.

Light Therapy

Light therapy, as used in good quality eye contouring devices, has a very positive effect on the skin around your eye. Facial skin is thinner than that on the rest of the body, and even more so around the eye area. Light therapy comes in two forms, both of which penetrate the skin down to its lowest layer.

Infrared, or heat therapy, stimulates the production of collagen, an essential component to maintaining young and healthy-looking skin. It has also been proven to promote healing by increasing blood flow. All of this adds up to reducing inflammation and redness and generally improving the health of the skin around your eye.

Cooling blue light stimulates oxygen production, as well as killing bacteria. Cooling blue light is the other end of the light spectrum to infrared. For humans, these are the very limits of what we can see. Cooling blue light, or ultraviolet light, has been used to cure sun spots, acne, and even scarring.


Good skincare devices will have a massage mode. This mode in an eye contouring device has two effects, the first is to move fluid away from the eye, resulting in less puffiness and swelling. Facial edema can be caused by numerous things, including diet, late nights, and too much salt. Massaging in the correct manner will move the fluid away from where it is pooled around the eye, creating a brighter and clearer look.

The other function of the massage mode is to improve the absorption and efficiency of skincare products. Good creams and eye gel work better when they can get to the lowest levels of the dermis. 

Rejuvenates Skin

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. They are the first thing that anyone notices and have the biggest impact on how we look to others. If the skin around our eyes is red and puffy, we feel self-conscious. Eye contouring devices can be taken anywhere with you, neatly fitting in your bag or even the center console of your car. They provide a quick and painless spa effect throughout the day. Having one of these little machines with you at all times, and using it a few times a day will result in tighter, plumper skin. After all, why go and spend half your salary at a spa, when you can do the exact same thing at home, for free?


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