Why Your Face Cream MUST Have An SPF

Keep Your Skin Protected

By Alexa Mulligan POSTED ON October 12, 2020 0 comments 337 VIEWS

You may have noticed that many day creams come with an SPF factor. This is often around the 30 to 50 range. But does it really make a difference? How important is a face cream with an SPF factor really?

Benefits Of A Day Cream With An SPF

Having an SPF in your face cream comes with many benefits. Not only is your face protected from UV rays during the day, but it also boosts the effectiveness of other skincare products as your skin has an extra layer of protection. Here are the main benefits of using a face cream with an SPF:

  • Better moister retention. Sun-damaged skin gets dry quickly. This, in turn, leads to a breakdown in collagen. Having an SPF factor in your day cream will help to keep your skin smooth and supple.
  • Cancer protection. SPF factor will help to prevent carcinomas and other cancers from forming on your skin. The sun is notorious for causing various skin cancers, especially if your skin is exposed to the sun for longer than 2 hours a day.
  • Laser skin procedures. Damage caused to your skin by the sun often has to be fixed via a laser cosmetic procedure. Using a face cream with an SPF may help to prevent the need for such procedures.

How To Find The Best SPF Face Cream For You

Finding the right SPF moisturizer for you comes down to knowing your skin type. Most skin types fall into the oily, combination, or dry category. Checking the first few ingredients will tell you whether the cream will work for your skin type. Of course, you need to know what your skin type is before embarking on any buying sprees. Remembering a few neat tips and tricks will help you to choose the right SPF face cream for you:

  • If you have oily skin, then you will need a lightning and brightening day cream. These will often be fortified with vitamin C.
  • Choose a cream that suits your daily routine. If you are outside in the elements a lot, then you will need a cream with a stronger SPF.
  • Don’t break the bank but don’t go too cheap either. The cheaper the cream, the less likely it will be quality and have a good effect on your skin.
  • Take the weather into consideration. Colder weather leaches more moisture out of your skin than hot and humid weather. Alternating your face cream to match your skin’s requirements in a particular season is a must.

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